About us


After watching this industry evolve over the last twenty years, we have created SaluberMD to offer an affordable, convenient solution for patients to manage their health from anywhere. The challenge of servicing patients remotely is not a new concept, but with the evolution of technology, the dream of better health outcomes is now within reach.

Founding principles

We observed that patients had no control over their medical records, scheduling doctors’ appointments and how much time was spent with their doctor. This drove us to the founding principles of SaluberMD:

To keep the patient at the center of everything we do

SaluberMD trained doctors will provide an experience that is (almost) as good as being there in person

Promote a unified approach to health, wellness and disease management, accessible via mobile devices and desktop

Build a truly global organization with access to care anywhere, anytime

Be a purpose-driven organization: through our "Global Care Program", SaluberMD doctors will be encouraged to donate hours to help those without accessible or affordable medical care

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